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I thought God had abandoned me.  My life was in turmoil and my relationships in crisis.  St. Joseph Institute is an amazing Christian addiction rehab center that offered professional help and a loving environment.  They helped me rediscover my faith and learn to fight my disease.  For me and my family they were an answer to prayer.”  - Kathy




St. Joseph Institute is the only ChristianThe chapel at St. Joseph Institute Christian addiction rehab treatment in PA addiction rehab and detox facility in Pennsylvania. It is owned and operated by a small group of dedicated individuals determined to offer the very best Christian recovery for drug & alcohol addicts. Unlike many other Christian rehab centers, we involve and help family members so they can begin to heal along with the person receiving treatment.

Our work begins by treating each addicted person as an individual – a child of God – and designing a program that addresses their specific needs. Because the reasons behind drug and alcohol addiction are often unique and personal, our Christian addiction rehab program places a heavy emphasis on individual therapy. As people resolve the issues that drive their addiction, and experience personal growth, the path to lasting healing becomes clear.

St. Joseph Institute stands out among Christian recovery centers because it offers state-of-the-art treatment and a spiritual environment.  I believe God led me here."  - Jake

Every addict and alcoholic needs the help of others -- and the help of God -- to establish and maintain their sobriety.  Our Chrsitian recovery center helps each person discover (or rediscover) that they have a God who loves them and who will help them change their lives to achieve lasting recovery.

St. Joseph Institute combines uncompromising Our beautiful, non-denominational chapel is always open at our Christian recovery center in PA drug rehab & alcohol rehabprofessional standards for medical and counseling services with a non-denominational Christian faith.  Our Christian addiction rehab treatment is built on biblical principles and draws upon the wisdom of scripture. We do not impose specific beliefs, but encourage each person to recognize their spiritual self and rely on God’s help to manage their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

The Institute’s secluded Pennsylvania campus provides a beautiful setting for healing and renewal of body, mind, emotions and spirit.  The 200 acre property has miles of walking trails, while the Forest Chapel, with 150 year-old stained glass windows, is a perfect place for prayer and meditation.  A series of outdoor statues tells the story of Christ’s passion and resurrection, and the library contains thousands of books on a wide range of topics.

My life will never be the same. I have been set free from my addiction.  I can't recommend a better Christian rehab than St Joseph Institute."  - Jackie

Among Christian recovery centers, St. Joseph Institute stands out because it offers all of the services found at the best rehab facilities, as well as the knowledge that through God’s help an individual can be truly liberated from the destructive power of addiction.

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