Our passion is to help you find lasting recovery. We provide solutions that free you from the power of addiction.

A dual diagnosis approach is critically important. We must treat addiction and mental health at the same time for the best outcomes.

The Institute's overriding goal is to help our residents experience a new and better future.

Holistic treatment means we address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues that impact addiction.

An important part of recovery is a spiritual journey to discover life's meaning and purpose.

We use one-on-one counseling to identify and address the underlying causes of addiction.

St. Joseph Institute offers a superior
approach for drug and alcohol treatment.

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We make bold statements that we stand behind.  No other program in the North East offers the depth of personal care, and the broad range of therapies and services, while still accepting your medical insurance.  We know that addiction can be conquered – because we see our graduates living free from the destruction of drugs and alcohol.  Our program, combining time-tested approaches and state-of-the-art therapies, changes lives.  It works – and it can work for you.

Located on a beautiful mountain-side in central Pennsylvania (near State College and Altoona), our campus promotes healing. Elegant log and stone lodges, miles of walking trails, a spa and wellness center, gym, library, chapel and very private grounds all contribute to a successful recovery experience.

Our beautiful campus for alcohol & drug abuse rehab in PAEach Person is Unique

Most rehabs offering help with addiction have an identical program for every person, as if the underlying issues that drive drug addiction and alcohol addiction are the same for everyone.  We believe this “one size fits all” approach fails to meet the needs of many people.  By recognizing each person's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, we seek to find resolution to underlying problems and achieve better outcomes. You never become a “number” at St. Joseph Institute rehab in PA.

St. Joseph Institute is the premier program for help with addiction in PA.Healing the Whole Person

Overcoming addiction is about reclaiming your life and making it better. The Institute's alcohol & drug abuse rehab program provides the opportunity to achieve a level of wellness that few people experience.  We will be concerned about your physical and mental health, offering program options for those with chronic pain, PTSD or trauma.  We help you learn ways to better manage your life, while addressing co-occurring conditions such as anxiety, depression, or abuse. As a Christian rehab center, we will support your spiritual development -- without imposing specific beliefs --to help you re-discover a sense of purpose.  Developing the skills that will help you manage stress, reduce conflict, and have happier relationships, is also part of our alcohol & drug abuse rehab program.

The Pennsylvania campus promotes effective treatment for addiction.Preparing for the future

A critical aspect of the recovery process is preparing for the next step -- living a better life that is drug and alcohol free.  Together we will develop a plan for the future, coordinating the support necessary to help you stay clean and sober.  In the months and years ahead we will be here to help, offer advice, support and encouragement as you journey forward.

Inpatient Alcohol & Drug Abuse Rehab in PA

A survey of more than 200 people who have received help with addiction at St. Joseph Institute in Pennsylvania provided a satisfaction rating of 93.7% for the program.  The Institute has been cited in surveys by third parties and the media as a "Top" rehab facility, "One of the best alcohol & drug abuse rehabs in PA and the Northeast," and "the Best Value in treatment for addiction." St. Joseph Institute is committed to being the leading addiction treatment and detox center in Pennsylvania. Our goal is to be recognized as a place where people will receive quality care from a staff that is passionate about helping people overcome their addiction.

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St. Joseph Institute does everything possible to help each resident achieve success.
"You saved my life. I have been to other rehab centers but none are like St. Joseph. You cared more about me than I did about myself. You never stopped helping me put my life back together. Today I am drug and alcohol free. I have purpose. I have hope. Thank you." -Ryan